The best marketing emails are personalized and are opened more often – 18.8 percent of the time – compared to messages with no personalization – 13.1 percent. Customers have more choices than ever when selecting their favorite brands and companies. No matter your service or product line, if you want to gain new customers and build a loyalty base, your brand has to stand out amongst the competition. Automated marketing tools are great ways to disseminate content, but your customers want a personalized experience with your brand, so learning to customize your automation will improve your marketing strategy.

Robotic, generic automated marketing messages will lose your customers’ interest and your brand’s impact will be minimized. Your followers, fans, and email recipients will be more annoyed than intrigued and ultimately unsubscribe if your content isn’t fresh and customized. Put a human touch on your marketing automation with these tips.

Personalize Your Auto Marketing Emails

Begin personalizing your automated marketing by organizing your email recipients into groups. Hone your message for each recipient group to connect with your audience based on their preferences. Some ways to customize your marketing email groups include:

  • Showcase items that are similar to recent purchases
  • Remind customers of items left in the basket at checkout
  • Flash sale alerts with limited time discount codes

Crafting messages with a personal touch that are targeted to certain customers will help improve email open rates and click thru rates.

Content Is King

If your marketing content isn’t useful, it doesn’t matter how many platforms you use to promote it. Your content must be engaging and unique to be valuable to your audience. Hiring a copywriter will help increase the content volume and allow you the time to run your business.

Use that content on your social media platforms, but give each post a different look. Copy and paste from one platform to the next is not a good marketing strategy. Use different graphics, headlines, and verbiage for your call to action to keep your user’s attention (and you don’t have to give up your automation tools to do it).


Using automated responses to customer emails, Facebook messages or other forms of contact can be especially helpful in your off hours or when you’re slammed at work. Make your auto-replies pull double duty.

  • Let customers know you’ve received their comment or questions and give a specific time frame of when they can expect a response (try not to let that window exceed 24 hours).
  • Use the reply to connect users back to your website for current promotions, new products, or invite them to join your brand’s conversation on Facebook, Twitter, or another social channel.

The key to making your automated system work for you is to ensure someone is following up on questions and feedback from your customers.

Keep Lists Current

Review your email open rates and log the percentage of users who opt out of your marketing emails. If possible, include a one-question survey that asks why users are interested in opting out so you know what changes to make in the future. You’ll see a higher open and click thru rate when the material is targeted to the correct audience.

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