Building powerful brand awareness with every touch point

Does your brand stand out? Or is it standing just outside the spotlight without a clear strategy in place? As your branding company, we’ll make sure you have a distinct image that’s both unique and recognizable in a crowded marketplace.

Your logo isn’t your brand. It’s your face to the world.

A logo is a mark that makes a company or brand identifiable. It’s a beacon of promise and hope, built on the trust you’ll work so hard to maintain. All of the sacrifice, dedication and achievement summed up in one image – now that’s powerful. Whether it’s an emblem, mascot, abstract symbol or word mark, an investment in a solid logo design pays perpetual dividends for smart businesses.

But having a great logo isn’t good enough.

With a winning logo and a sharp color palette in place, it’s time to expand your presence with essential items that support your brand identity system. If it’s tangible and appeals to the senses, we’ll explore it as a way to fuel brand recognition and aid memory. There are countless touch points that can work in tandem to create a cohesive experience for your customers as they interact with you. We’re committed to working with you to create an identity system that speaks the only language that matters: the language of your brand!

Give them a promo item they’ll actually want to show off.

Enhancing your exposure means increasing the frequency of your brand’s identity. And one way we help clients to further their brand’s awareness is through promotional items. The right item created for the right audience won’t end up in a drawer – or worse, the garbage. Instead, it can offer both utility and a sense of fun that your customers will thank you for each and every time they use it. And if it can speak to your brand offerings, that’s a huge plus. That’s what separates good promotional items from just another tchotchke (pronounced /’CHäCHkə/).

Open the door to opportunity with design.