Because seamless – and effortless – service is hard to pull off

You may be asking: what does service modeling have to do with marketing and advertising. Well, depending on who you ask, nothing…and everything.

The nothing contingent wants to keep you totally dependent on advertising, and 9 times out of 10, you buy right in because you want (*drumroll, please*)…new customers!

Getting new customers isn’t the answer to all of your problems.

Unless you have a business where repeat customers are a long-shot (funeral parlors, we’re looking at you), you’ll want to be building a loyal base of clients, and that starts with providing the best level of service possible, every time. And until you really understand how your services are structured, delivered and maximized, you’ll never feel truly confident.

Modeling out how you serve your most important customers is critical.

Many high-touch service businesses cover complex areas that require a series of weekly, monthly and annual appointments. The items covered during those meetings require careful consideration and planning.  And let’s not forget that those pre-meeting and post-meeting items are also part of the model.

Crossed fingers aren’t a good strategy.