Let’s make social work for you

Social media changed the game on how brands connect with their most important customers. It created a two-way, public dialogue in the form of comments, reviews, recommendations, shared and thumbs up.

Don’t be anti-social.

Being active on social is important if you want engagement.  If your last post was 6 months ago, you should stop wondering what social has done for you lately. If you’re looking for revenue from the channel, you may want to take another look.

It’s all good until the channel gets changed.

The big players have caught the attention of Uncle Sam. The old “slice and dice” audiences that once gave social the clout for being the channel of choice have been removed. On top of that, they tweaked the algorithms to prevent your organic posts from getting to everyone that liked your page. Why? Because free doesn’t pay the bills or make stock prices go up…you have to pay.

Who said you can’t buy friends?

With objectives such as likes, brand awareness and lead generation, it’s all possible with the right budget. Now whether your prospect is scrolling by mouse or thumb, you get to place your ad right in between other posts. It all needs to be orchestrated carefully or it’s like donating the money to these platforms.

Don’t be shy about what you have to offer consumers.