As a business owner, you can achieve more by working with other businesses in your community. Local business marketing companies offer advantages over remote marketers.

The Better Business Bureau found that 60% of consumers shopped small businesses to support their local economy. They choose local businesses because of their integrity, honesty, and good reputation.

Do you feel the same about working with your favorite local businesses? You likely want to empower your fellow business owners and be a part of your community. But you have your own success to think about too.

Are there remote marketing companies that would work for you? Maybe. But there are reasons why local marketers are better.

They Know Your Customers

Local marketers are already familiar with consumers in your area. They already have personas built for local residents. They know the wants, needs, likes, dislikes, and habits of those who would buy your product or service. This can save you a lot of work when developing local marketing strategies.

Local Insight

They know local consumer routines. In some areas, the whole town may spend Friday nights at the high school football field. Or maybe most of your community spends Sunday mornings at church. These activities affect your marketing and business plans. You need a marketing agency that understands these patterns.

Local marketers can meet with your potential customers much easier than remote marketers. They can walk your block, neighborhood, or town. They already interact with your customers in their own daily routine.

Local Differences

Customers in different communities have different priorities. Suburban residents often have more focus on families than those living downtown. City dwellers often get pop culture references quicker than those in small towns. A campaign run in the wrong area can baffle consumers.

The terms and vocabulary in an area can be different. Even if they’re accurate, using the wrong words can make your marketing materials seem off. They may not resonate with your target audience. Local marketers can help you craft materials that seize attention.

Local Flavor

Local marketers know what your space should look like. The look and feel of your business is important to your customers. You want to stand out. But sometimes there are elements that people expect to see in the spaces in your community.

They know what your marketing materials should look like. In some areas, less formal marketing may be better received. Some communities may respond to fun, bright advertisements. Other areas may prefer elegant, sophisticated designs.

They Have the Right Connections

You understand the importance of networking. Networking is a great way to market your business. That’s why you try to build relationships whenever possible. There’s a ring of truth to the statement: It’s not always what you know, it’s who you know.

Local Relationships

You’re dedicated to your company. But you’re busy! Sometimes it’s hard to meet new contacts, build relationships, and run your business. Good news: There’s a shortcut!

Local marketing companies know who you need to know, why you need to know them, and how to build the relationship. They know the personalities of the business owners in the community. They know what’s important to them and how to be accepted into their circle.

Local business marketers know what other businesses in your community need. They may know a service that you can provide to another business in the area. Or maybe they know someone who can help you achieve the success you want.

Some businesses benefit from special local business marketing programs. Instead of all the businesses getting together to work out the details, they use a local marketer. Coupon books, frequent buyer programs, or contests can raise awareness for your business.

Local marketers already work closely with the local press. They have relationships with local journalists, radio announcers, and TV personalities. They can help you get to know these local influencers to spread the word about your brand.

Local Events

Local marketers have good relationships with the chamber of commerce. You need to know about networking socials, ribbon cuttings, and other events. Gaining respect from the right members of the chamber can lead to referrals.

They know which local events are best for your business. Local trade shows and exhibits can boost business. But attending the wrong ones can sap your marketing budget and return very little. Local marketers understand the focus of local events and who attends.

Local marketers can also help you publicize your business events. As they visit other local clients, they can make them aware of the events you’re planning. This can generate a lot of buzz in the community. They also know the best places to advertise your events.

Local Digital Marketing

Most marketing agencies recognize the value of setting up local online profiles. Set up listings on Google, Yelp, and elsewhere to dominate local search marketing.

Remote marketers can view your competition’s websites, listings, and social media. But only local marketers really know those businesses intimately. They know how businesses present themselves and what they portray themselves to be. They know how consumers view them in the community. They know what’s really behind the success.

They’re Important to Your Community

Local marketing businesses support the local community just like you do. They may donate to local charities, non-profit organizations, or schools. This has earned them respect from your target audience.

Local businesses depend on trust. A local marketing business’ endorsement adds trust and credibility to your brand. The community often trusts them to only work only with other reputable businesses.

Local marketers know the other trusted businesses in your community. That’s valuable information when looking for local businesses to partner with. They can help you collaborate with other businesses that have similar values.

Try Local Business Marketing

Local business marketers help you focus on what’s important to your community. Win by leveraging their relationships, consumer knowledge, and credibility.

Get a consultation from a local business marketing company. Why not give them a chance to earn your business? You may find them to be the best fit for you.