Let’s suppose that you are a decent writer and your SEO chops are sound. Let’s suppose, too, that you are the most creative person in the room. Even if all of these are true, we’re still going to make the case that you’d be better off hiring a copywriter for your brand. Here are the top three reasons why:

Saving Time

When you hire a copywriter, you are free to focus on the many other tasks involved with running a business. After the initial discovery meeting to determine the project’s needs, the copywriter will get to work to focus on incorporating SEO, creativity and grammar expertise. A copywriter can usually get a first draft finished in far less time and with better accuracy than a non-professional — even when he or she doesn’t have any familiarity with the brand.

Saving Money

Hiring a professional copywriter on the front-end of a project can save you money in the long run (or is it longrun?) See, hiring a professional who is used to employing and researching usage, grammar and style, as well as someone is up-to-date with the latest advertising trends can save you money from having to make corrections when you — oops — accidentally print a brochure that wasn’t written or edited by a professional or launched a website that wasn’t written with the proper keywords. We don’t like to focus on problems, but so many things can go wrong when you don’t hire a professional copywriter and opt to write everything yourself, and unfortunately these mistakes can be very costly.

Seeing Results

Hiring an outsider can help your copy gain a fresh voice. Many brand managers are so close to the brand that they write with seller’s voice, rather than focusing on the problem that the product or service will solve. Furthermore, a copywriter is trained to evaluate buyer personas, or audiences, and to create persuasive copy to create a desired response. This involves an incredible about of nuance to use the correct tone for each intended audience. The result is sales-driven copy that can do more heavy-lifting.

A professional copywriter needs to be able to get people’s attention, think outside the box and have excellent command of the English language to persuade audiences.  Have a project that could use new copy or a refresh? Let’s talk today!

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