If you’re looking for a virtual reality company in Westchester County or Fairfield County, look no further. By now you’ve likely heard of virtual reality, or VR. If you haven’t, perhaps you’ve seen folks with Samsung VR Gear headsets or maybe heard of Google Cardboard — two products that let you experience VR firsthand.

What is VR?

VR is often described as “immersive multimedia” or “computer-simulated reality,” replicates an environment that simulates a physical presence. This allows us to “experience” rather than simply view content because our brains actually think we are there. However, it’s best understood when you try it for yourself, as simple descriptions don’t do it justice. One neat thing about VR, is that it can transport you to either a real world location or an imagined world, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to creative design. This becomes as personal and immersive as possible when bringing people into the experience we want them to have.

How does a company like brandbliss do VR?

The truth is, it depends.There are several different ways to complete a VR project. We have the capability to shoot the space live, create the space or use a hybrid approach that allows us to shoot some live and add enhancements with computer graphics. In the end, we strive to create environments to be as real as possible for our clients.

How are businesses using VR?

Immersive brand experiences are by far the most popular request we’ve gotten so far. Companies have found that by creating interesting and unique virtual reality experiences, they can bring their audiences closer. Some find it to be a pure “wow” tactic, while others believe it’s best suited for sales-driven purposes. Nonetheless, if the creative matches the goals, VR stands to be a very useful medium for business marketers.

For example, product-based businesses are benefiting from inviting their customers into the actual process. It could be a craft brewery that takes the viewer from barley and hops fields and then through the entire process of bottling, they are sharing the story of how the product is made. A service-based business, such as a boutique hotel might offer a unique experience to viewers by giving them a virtual tour of a premium suite, with any view out the window you choose.

From large business to small business, the need to stay ahead of the competition is very real.

Many companies are sitting on the sideline while their competitors jump headfirst into creating virtual reality experiences for their brands.

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