First of all, congratulations on becoming (or at least considering becoming) a business owner. We mean that sincerely, because it takes guts and ambition to start your own business and those are qualities we admire and celebrate at brandbliss.

But the reality check is: guts and ambition will only take your product or service so far.  New business success, doesn’t come easy; in fact, they fail every day.  Unfortunately, guts and ambition go unnoticed by a busy, unimpressed or uninspired marketplace that overlooks and ignores the vision of starry-eyed entrepreneurs.  Those withered little business seedlings were missing one thing: market differentiation.

You may realize that your product has to be different to succeed, but understanding what that means to the marketplace and, more importantly, understanding how to translate that to implementation in your business, can be incredibly challenging.

It takes more than a distinctive product: companies that don’t differentiate themselves with a truly revolutionary brand experience run the risk of becoming another “me too” business or simply bringing a product to market, crossing their fingers and hoping for the best. Neither are a customer-winning strategy.

Market differentiation starts with a deep and intimate knowledge of the marketplace, the target customer base within that marketplace, and the way to build the brand that will catch the ear and imagination of the ideal customer. Investing in market differentiation is the single smartest move you can make for the success of your product or service because, when done right, it gives you invaluable insight into the mind of the customer and shapes your brand’s story into the story they want to hear.

If you’re ready to rise above the noise and distinguish yourself in your market, let’s talk.  If you like the idea of us helping you paint a picture of where your business is presently, and work with you to where you’d like it to be, then we should most definitely talk.

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