Whether you’re creating content as a business owner or consuming it from a customer’s point of view, a mobile platform is crucial.

We are multi-taskers. We want information handed to us within seconds.

If your brand doesn’t have a user-friendly mobile web design, you won’t have many users. Research suggests more than half of customers do their shopping from a mobile device and they’ll abandon a shopping cart in seconds if you need to improve mobile web design.

Whether you need to improve your SEO for mobile web design or just make your pages load faster, the market is trending toward devices on the go. Google reports more than half of its searches originate from mobile devices, so the opportunity is there to put your business in front of online consumers, but you need to know how.

Mobile Landing Page

Customers will not visit your full site on their table or cell phone to zoom in and find what they’re looking for – so stop expecting it. Customers demand convenience, and 61 percent of customers say if your site doesn’t have a great mobile web design, they’ll likely leave. On the contrary, 74 percent of shoppers say they’ll return to your site if it’s mobile friendly.

Even if you don’t run an e-commerce site, having a mobile-friendly web design is key to your success. Roughly 50% of mobile users who searched for a local company, visited the business. But only 34% of people who looked for a business on their desktop or tablet went to the store.

Make It Fast

What’s slowing down your mobile website? It could be the large images or specialty coding – either way, get rid of it. Optimizing your images will improve your load times – and you’re going to need it. More than half – 57 percent – of mobile users will leave a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. If your mobile web design doesn’t call for images, eliminate them completely when possible. If you want to use graphics, pick the right kind. Vector images are a good choice for responsive designs.

Make The Conversion

Good mobile web design helps increase conversion. Whether you design your own mobile site or partner with a Yonkers, New York web design company, you need to have a focused call to action. Make a page that concentrates on what you want your visitors to do. Here are some examples:

  • Click to call option
  • Make reservations now (For restaurants, entertainment, etc.)
  • Contact us (Give physical address, phone number, and email option)

Less Is More

Keep it simple. Make one clear call to action, eliminate extravagant photos and use a minimal amount of coding (if you need it at all). Remove the text that isn’t hyper-focused on your marketing efforts.

Mobile use – shopping, browsing, watching – is only growing in popularity, so if you don’t have a dynamic mobile web design, expect to get left in the do-they-even-have-a-website era. Your customers are on the move. It’s time to keep up. Upgrade your mobile website design today with a leading New York mobile web design company. We’ll help you take the stress out of simplifying your mobile site.