Consider the Nike “swoosh.” It’s immediately recognizable and represents the company perfectly. That logo was Nike’s big marketing idea, a genius brand strategy move that became a symbol of athleticism and status across the world. Or take FlyWheel’s “Never Coast” logo, which reflects the brand’s attitude and mission while relating to its customers. It’s another big marketing idea.
We’d bet anything that those ideas didn’t come easily, but they were worth the effort because they work — on so many levels. Those symbols extend beyond marketing, beyond the brands, and into the lives of their customers.

Now, onto your business. Yes, small businesses can have big marketing ideas. In fact, they should. Your big idea is the thing you focus all your communications on. It keeps your messaging succinct and helps it resonate with your target audience. We come up with big ideas using analytics, design, copywriting, our own marketing expertise, and a ton of brainstorming.

Sure, you may not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on a focus group or research, but there are ways to test your big ideas to see if they have traction. And centering your marketing around one main idea can even save you money because your messaging will be more focused and effective.

So what’s your big marketing idea? Shoot us a note at hello @brandbliss and let’s talk about how to make your next big idea a reality! We are a Westchester County based small business marketing agency, but help clients throughout the United States with their marketing.

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