News flash: people need, on average, seven to ten touch points before they buy your product or service. What does that mean? Before someone will decide to buy what you’re selling or hire you for a service, your marketing efforts need to reach them at least seven times. Really? Yes, really!

The average small-business owner works over 60 hours a week. Even if you know it should be part of your brand strategy, do you have time to write emails to prospective clients and follow up with them seven to ten times? Didn’t think so. That’s where marketing automation comes in. It may sound scary, but when done right, automated marketing — in the form of newsletters, follow-ups, reminders, and other focused emails — can do a lot of the heavy lifting in helping you earn new business.

But wait — there’s more. Did you know that you can automate your appointment reminders, welcome notes, and other customer-client communications? Many small businesses spend countless hours typing and re-typing emails, letters, and other messages to their customers and even their prospects. With some front-loaded effort, your small business can find the time it didn’t even know that it was missing. Bonus: the margin of error becomes smaller since automation removes the human-error factor.

How do you get started with automating your business communications, marketing and advertising? Good question! First, you need to get clear on the goals you have for your small business. Then you need to sit down and think about how you currently communicate with your customers and prospective customers. Your strategy will start to take shape by this point. At this point in your quest for your very own small business marketing automation, you should be thinking to yourself, “what can I automate” and “what really needs a human-hand” in terms of process. After all, you don’t want to look foolish. Then you ought to select the kind of automation system you think would be good for today and in the future – there are all kinds. It really depends on what kind of horsepower you’re looking for.

brandbliss can help you get it done, with emails designed and written to target your potential customers at just the right times to keep you and your business at the top of their mind. Turns out, you can make automated email part of the marketing plan for your small business. Want to give it a try? Head over to our contact page and you’ll see what we mean when you submit the form!

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