Plumbing Company Branding

Plumbing Company Branding

Flotechs Plumbing & Heating is a solid, hard working small business that makes it happen – day after day. They service, repair and install commercial and residential heating and plumbing systems throughout Westchester County. So it’s only right that their plumbing company brand building was done with great care, there’s a lot to lose for these guys.

As a growing business, they invested in brandbliss’s integrated marketing management program so that they could focus on their core business and leave the marketing to a group of trusted professionals. Now, brandbliss orchestrates their entire brand and marketing communications, lead generation campaigns and content strategy, among other services, meeting with them regularly to discuss new opportunities and goals that keep business bustling for their crews.

When they approached us to take on their account, they had a stock image as a logo and virtually no brand. They knew it was time to grow and get a more professional image, so we did what we always do: roll up our sleeves and got busy.

“We really believed we could run our business and do all the marketing that’s necessary to have a successful business – it’s impossible. I make 3 essential business calls every week, my accountant, my business partner and brandbliss.” Josh B. Owner

We started with a strategic planning meeting where we got to know them and the goals they had for their company. From there we created a brand position that speaks to their target client audience so they can win accounts that make sense for them, their size and their overall goals.

We found that Flotechs wanted a brand mark and brand identity unique from the traditional water or water drops imaging often used by plumbers, so we decided to pipe into their logo (literally) with an innovative pipe-inspired logo from our graphic designers. Their full-on identity support system furthered their brand throughout all of their physical assets through to social media branding.

Their tagline of “keep the flow steady for your home or business” is something that appeals to their customer base.

We set up their CRM and developed a strategy that allows them to keep track of customers, customer type and any marketing opportunities. We rolled out a series of email and social campaigns to increase attain leads for service appointments and to grow their mailing list so they not only reach new clients but are top-of-mind when existing clients need a plumber.

These guys get it done. Though just a few years in business, Flotechs is growing rapidly in Westchester County. They are winning new management company accounts, commercial accounts and residential accounts, and recently expanded their service fleet.

The only time we ever use the word “thread” is when we refer to email, not pipes.  We hope you appreciate no plumbers’ crack mentions…

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