Healthcare Business Development

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Our client is a dental professional but earns extra income for her dental practice as an independent distributor of Oxyfresh’s health and wellness products.  The client and her dental team leveraged a well-respected brand and parlayed their everyday interactions with dental patients into sales opportunities. Pretty smart if you ask us for an approach to healthcare business development!

Since the name of the game is sales, we created a well-defined sales strategy that allowed their team to sell more, reinforcing that strategy with brand and support services.

Our sales strategy placed heavy emphasis on generating more sales through our client’s Oxyfresh sales team. We broadened the team’s sales reach, expanding to veterinarians, dentists and direct-to-consumer channels via brand and marketing campaigns which highlighted sales team opportunities as well as the available human and animal health products Oxyfresh offers.

“We approached them to help us with personal and business branding. They were thorough and extremely timely. They are very knowledgeable with great passion and it shows in their delivery.” Melanie M.

The Oxyfresh parent company provides distributors with some marketing and brand collateral, but we came up with a print campaign which allowed the sales team to personalize materials with their own contact information and for our client to do the same, so there was some flexibility built into the creative.

To increase their signups for dental product distributors, we created a campaign called “Patient Wellness. Business $wellness” which covered precisely what the product offered to both targets – good oral health for the patients and nice revenue for the dental practices.

Distributing Oxyfresh’s pet products had proved challenging for the client, so we created a “Pet Hygiene” campaign which featured different ways to showcase with engaging humor the products and the animals for which they can be used.

The Oxyfresh company provides it distributors with a website, but this dental group chose to differentiate themselves from the standard company site which gives the same message and creative to each of their rival distributors by creating a new website with unique branding and then bolster that with innovative marketing campaigns.

Pet’s do not take the hint that they have bad breath. Well, some people don’t either. At least we can say we contributed to both *breath check*

To increase the sub-distributors, we created a print collateral that could be used as a mailer to increase the team’s distributors.

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