Dental Office Marketing

Dental Office Marketing

Dr. David E.Parker’s practice helps patients smile again through their general and cosmetic dental practice in Smithtown, NY.

Having gone through several dental office marketing companies throughout the years, there were many aspects of the messaging and brand identity that were left fragmented.  It was critical that we understood the story of the practice and more importantly, Dr. Parker’s story.

Our initial planning was to take stock of all the different variations of branding used in the practice. Once we rounded up everything, we began to plan out a rebrand for the practice. What they did for my practice was took years of work done by various companies and made everything look and feel as if it’s from one practice.” Dr. Parker“. The patients are all pretty much local to the area, so the potential for word of mouth (WOM) business is great.

Dr. Parker is a proud veteran who served in the U.S. Air Force; and so, it was important to him that his new the brand identity be professional, yet symbolic of our nation, “stars and bars” as he put it.  Being who we are, we created a tasteful homage to our nation’s colors, only in a way that keeps a professional and clean look for his dental practice.

People are not usually brimming with willingness to visit the dentist.  And there is a certain level of research that goes into finding a dentist.  We sifted through hundreds and hundreds of pictures of cases that told the story of what kind of dental work that comes out of their practice. With those images, we created a gallery for Dr. Parker’s work – which speaks for itself.

Dr. Parker is a force in his community.  Not only as a dentist, but a active volunteer of Boots On The Ground, a 501c 3 organization Boots on the Ground NY is a team of Veterans that care about Americas Veterans. Many, if not all of his patients know they can depend on him when they need him, which is what makes him (and his staff) an outstanding dental practice.

We’ve yet to find anyone who truly enjoys the dentist. You can consider us part of that pool.

    As with all of our brand identity services, we bring forward different options for your consideration. Above are some of the designs we came up with along the way. In fact, the two above and the winner were the three final logos on the table before Dr. Parker and his team chose the winning design.