Construction Company Marketing

We both build with our hearts, minds and hands.

Virga Woodworking, Inc. is a premier woodworking and contracting company that serves affluent clients in Westchester and Fairfield Counties.  They needed a construction company marketing plan as well as a complete brand identity.  They specialize in high end, custom cabinetry, homes and unique woodworking projects.  You know…the types of projects you’d see on TV.

Their company position had to be high-touch enough to distinguish themselves. The visual assets as well as the brand’s personality needed to on-point throughout all client touch-points.

Our initial positioning strategy and local research showed that this industry is flooded with contracting companies, handymen and specialty shops (like Virga WW). brandbliss’ creative diligence really brought my vision to life. It’s not easy to just hand your company’s reputation over to someone else- it’s scary. But in the end, they improved our brand in ways I didn’t even know were possible.” A. Virga Owner“. Their clientele consider their homes as an extension of themselves. We found the tagline “Live Remarkably” captured the interest and imagination of the target audience.  Additionally, we created “Artisan Contracting” to bring attention to the skill and expertise that are far beyond that of a general contractor.

Their brand identity had to be clean, yet symbolic of their mission. The identity support system which included the full suite of business cards, stationery, thank you cards, envelopes, letterhead and email signatures for the team, keeps everything unified.

To showcase their work, we needed a clean website to tell their story and highlight the custom projects.  A responsive website did a fine job showcasing each specialty area and bolstered the design and images with on-point copywriting really unified with the brand’s look and feel.

Lastly, a stellar experience for their clientele is one of their key differentiation points in the market.  We helped them conduct an experience plan that gave them a deep understanding of the customer’s experience from consideration phase through the post-hire phase with follow-up’s and maintenance. We uncovered a ton of opportunities for them to better service, up- and cross-sell and most importantly, earn referral business. It’s easy to see that construction company marketing is important if the company wants to grow.

A true success story that started with a dream to be a small business owner.  A 3rd generation carpenter took a risk and ventured out on his own with some tools, a determination to produce meticulous work and never looked back.  For those who like the finer things in life, especially in their homes, these guys make a person’s dream of owning a custom home into a reality.

No one ever asks us to frame a house; hang sheetrock, or build anything other than a kick ass marketing campaign – because that’s what we do.

Our experience plan uncovered lots of interesting opportunities. One of which was
to send a hand written thank you and a bottle of champagne for their client’s 1st night in their newly built home.

Business cards have to be perfect and reflect the type of business prospective clients can expect when doing business with a company. Their the high-end prospective clients expect quality throughout the entire experience.

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