Law Firm Rebrand

DBV Law, a law firm serving NY, NJ and CT, for individuals as well as businesses is a variety of legal matters such as civil litigation, estate planning, real estate and commercial litigation.

Due to a recent expansion in their firm and welcoming a new partner, all arrows pointed to a re-brand. We took all of the existing assets, campaigns and collateral as a means to begin our planning. Once we understood their goals, we needed to be sure that their look and feel was consistent and was a reflection of who they were and how they conducted business.

Our initial identity project kicked off with some clean options, that would work well across all of their support items. As you can see above, we ended up in a very different place than the initial gavel, with a clean identity that plays with negative space. They were able to maintain a traditional and classy look, that is so important to law firms, but they blended in modern designs that united to create something really special. We really could not have asked for a more wonderful experience.” JV, Partner”.

We carried on to do 2 different business card types, one with the bridge and logo overlay and one which was a little more on the conservative side. The clients liked this idea, as the range of their clientele was pretty wide. Below you’ll see an example of the card’s that were created. They felt it was important, as did we, that when clients left their office, they’d have a place to include their forms, papers and so, we created several folder options for them with their identity system.

Time is money, literally, so we had to make sure all of their services were immediately accessible. We took a clean layout approach to their responsive website, so as visitors landed on the page, they were immediately presented with options that our client specialize in. We built out a custom site that allowed them to push up their recent verdicts, relevant news and client testimonials. Their SEO was probably the biggest undertaking as it’s a hyper-competitive environment, so it had to be done very strategically and meticulously.

Typically, it’s never a good time when a lawyer gets involved, especially if you’re the on the receiving end of this group’s legal expertise. They are meticulous, cost-conscious and fair when it comes to their practice’s clients; and so, it’s not often that people will proudly refer you to their lawyer, but they seem to not have a problem getting the phone to ring.

We usually have something funny to say here, but nothing came to mind when it came to the law.  At least these guys have a sense of humor (ooops we’ll probably get a letter from another lawyer for that comment.)

To be in-line with their high touch brand personality their client experience called for various support items to provide a consistent and on-brand experience. Above are but a few…

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