Boutique Law Firm Design

Varcadipane & Associates is a Litigation and Real Estate boutique law firm that handles complex commercial and civil litigation matters throughout New Jersey and New York.

As a brand new firm, we had the opportunity to work from a clean slate – which we love!  Because of the type of law that’s practiced by the firm, the identity  had to have a certain look and feel.  It was important to the partner that the firm had a complete logo, that distinguished the firm in the New York/New Jersey area.When it came to building a brand, we knew very little. brandbliss took the ropes and handled it all, which allowed us to focus on our own business. During the process, we quickly realized the mountain of work involved with properly building our brand, and we were really glad that we had the team of professionals at brandbliss handling it for us. They were attentive, thoughtful, creative and responsive to all of our needs.” Jeffery Varcadipane Also, to have an icon which eventually can stand on its own and become recognizable, which should always be on the mind of anyone creating a visual identity for their company.

Once the winning design was chosen, it was time to build out the brand identity system complete with business cards, letterhead, envelopes, email signatures and social media branding.

The website needed to be laid out such that visitors can quickly identify with a legal issue and contact the firm to discuss their potential case.  Another important aspect of the site, was on-page SEO. The ability to be found through organic search by individuals seeking legal representation is a wonderful situation for anyone, let alone a law firm.

It takes guts to go out on your own. When you’re truly good at what you do, and you enjoy it, the rest follows. We know that first hand. The founding partner of the firm decided that he was going to give it a go and we were super excited to help shape what will certainly be a premier boutique law firm in the NY/NJ area.

In business it’s healthy to be a little cautious, because the last thing you want is a letter from a lawyer.


As a way to showcase their many judgement/settlement wins, we created a series of images that were representative of the case, the state it was held in and other images that were complimentary to the case.

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