Insurance Agency Brand Building

Champion Insurance Brokerage is an independent insurance agent that sells personal, home and business insurance throughout New York and New Jersey.


With big names like All State, State Farm, Geico and Farmers, that pump millions into advertising, smaller shops like Champion are clearly challengers and have to choose wisely how they compete with the leaders, but they do it and do it well.

Their insight was priceless as to what looks good, what does not and things we could do to thrive as a smaller shop in this competitive marketplace. We are grateful that they were supportive and encouraging and couldn’t be happier with the outcome” P. Quinn Owner/Broker“.

We started with something that was done when the business launched, years ago.  It was important to the owner that we kept it very simple and clean. You’ll notice the firm’s logo is just that and we included the types of insurance that they handle.

Their business cards, letterhead and envelopes were also designed very simple, to keep with the overall desired look.  Once we had the winning designs, we rolled out that design to the whole office.

In the insurance business, a web presence is nonnegotiable. And having a website that was responsive to mobile and tablet is critical as folks are on the look out to save money by getting quotes. We reconfigured the mobile responsiveness so it would quickly allow the visitor to find what they are looking for and contact the agency.

Their on-page SEO had to be very specific due to different insurance regulations, licenses and types of insurance they offer. As we got a better understanding of the queries that were happening within their geographic area, we began to write the copy with those goals in mind. We also write with the brand’s tone and personality; and so, it can be a process, but we loved the challenge!

While their direct competitors focused on fear mongering, which is a well-known tactic for insurance companies.  The more we interviewed Pat and his team, the more we knew their brand personality wasn’t about fear. For this project, it became clear that asking the right questions; presenting viable options and securing a policy that would give clients peace of mind.

Insurance is a tough (and interesting) business… The people who buy it (you and us), don’t really want to buy it and hope we never have to use it.  The companies that underwrite the policies don’t want the people they sell it to to have to use it, either. *palm of hand to forehead*

Responsive design matters, especially when it came to Champions goals of getting prospective customers to connect for quotes on their home, business and auto policies. The ability to be found with hyper-local SEO and request a quote via mobile phone was extremely important.

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