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Print Design

The tangible carries weight with buyers, and well-designed print pieces showcase your product or service in a way that makes it real to your customers. As a lead generator, print marketing pieces are crafted to pique the interest and then capture the imagination of the reader with sublime design and clever copy that establishes a connection to your brand with even the shortest attention span.

Package Design

Presentation is everything, and your product’s packaging must make a quick and powerful impact. A product, even one that people will love, that’s enclosed in a poorly designed package will be starved for attention. Let our designers create a package as innovative and exciting as what’s in it.

Presentation Design

Raise eyebrows around the table at your next company presentation. Ignite an element of delight when they realize that it’s not just some run-of-the-mill deck you’re working with. brandbliss gets to the heart behind the pulse of your company – we see your capabilities, market differentiators and strengths.

Mascot/Character Design

Countless organizations have benefited from having uniquely recognizable characters attached to them. From Geico’s Gecko and Kelloggs’ Tony the Tiger to University of Florida’s Gator and Notre Dame’s Fightin’ Irish Leprechaun – we’ve grown to love and trust these characters.


A logo is a mark that makes a company or brand identifiable. It’s beacon of promise and hope, built on the trust you’ll work so hard to maintain. All the sacrifice, dedication and achievement summed up in one image – now that’s powerful.

Identity System

With a winning logo and a sharp color palette; it’s time to expand your presence with essential items that support your brand identity. If it’s tangible and appeals to the senses, we’ll explore it as a way to fuel brand recognition and aid memory. If you can touch it, see it, hold it, watch it or hear it, it’s relevant.

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